About me

My latest series ' Connected' is about  my search for connection. Where do I find connection? How can I connect with myself? In my photos you see my inner struggles and sometimes a glimpse of that connection. First of all, the connection with myself beacause it is from here that is is possible to really connect with other people and with the life around me. I work with different techniques, I often edit the photo physically with water, paint and other materials. I also work with photopolymer etching.


My series 'Alone. Naturally' is about a future planet. Encapsulated by chilling silence. Blistering loneliness. Far away, yet still there. The future has yet to come. 


My series 'Wainting for the laundry' explore those rare moments of peace and reprieve that follow the chaos of everyday life. Through my artwork I celebrate these brief snapshots of tranquillity that are so often overlooked during our busy days.


I reduce objects to flowing forms, which allows meto intercept the clutter of outside world and instead focus on the organic shapes that fill my canvas. My forms are condensed into a visual vocabulary of calm and stillness, where the bright milky hues call to mind the delicate nature of the human psyche. 

Let my work remind you to take a moment to pause amidst the bustle, and focus instead on the pirouettes of colors; whether that be at work, at home, or simply whilst waiting for the laundry.


In december 2017 I graduated at Fotoacademie Amsterdam.


If you are interested in my work or want to know prices, please send me an email, app or call.


Ik also give photography courses, check: www.iszofotografiecursus.nl


mail   - info@liannetermaat.com

tel.      - 06-28827819

FB      - Lianne ter Maat Fotografie

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